Tuesday, July 27, 2010


(For those of you who haven’t shot Pro Am, or know the rules, it’s scored by the amount of steel targets that are hit in a par time. Of course, sometimes there are ties, so they have one “tiebreaker” stage that is timed to determine the winner.)

Woooo!! I have successfully shot the Pro Am! Yes, with my handy S&W 627 Revolver, I placed in the middle of the pack. I was starting to get pretty good with reloads, by the end of the match because I can only shoot eight shots at a time. My Hearthco Moonclips were flying. Derrick Birdsoll even got a really cool picture! It showed my moonclip half way to the ground while I reloaded, and ran. As soon as I get the picture I will post it.

I was squaded mostly with people I didn’t know previously… with BJ Norris and Jason Koon as exceptions, but wow…my squad was AMAZING. Seriously, I was blown away by these guys -- they were suuuper fast and accurate! Crazy! I also met a fellow S&W member, Gordon Carrell who was so nice to give me some tips and even pose for a dorky picture after we had successfully shot the Pro Am!

Everything about this match I liked, well, except for the heat. The USSA range was incredible AND so pretty with all the green, green everywhere and pond that reflected the clouds, it had turtles and a goose (I understand a goose with a bad attitude)! The stages made me think. How was I going to get in all those shots at all those targets with minimal reloads? Of course “don’t miss” is the first thought but, there was so much going on in the stages that the shooters’ planning was very important. And planning for the unexpected was the norm around there for many shooters. On one stage we started behind some old car, and as I ran around it to pick up my revolver, there was a butterfly on my grip! (That was Stage 6) Well, I didn’t particularly want to hurt the butterfly…so I shooed it away. I could hear someone stating “just squish it” yuck! You know, waving my hands around it burned some seconds. So, just what is the answer here?

Back on the topic of fantastic stages, I’ve never seen so much steel! Not even at the Steel Challenge! There was even one stage with 35 targets and another with steel as big as I was! (The Tiebreaker stage). My only regret from the entire match was that I wish I was fast enough to do some of the fun stuff the really fast guys could do…like open up doors and shoot moving targets, they seemed to have so much fun with the bonus activity. Par time kept me focused on one thing, just hitting those targets, and not missing, otherwise…reload! So my goal for next year’s Pro-Am…to “clear a stage” as the pros would say!!

Phil Strater and his crew did awesome setting up the stages in the heat and working the match. Plus, I heard one of the crew went to find a butterfly net with my name on it! It was really an awesome match!!!

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  1. My goodness Molly, that sounds like a lot of hustle and soooo much fun. The range sure is a nice one with all the green grass. Mr C and I shot at a range with green grass just outside of Yakima, and we too were pleasantly surprised to find green instead of dry crunchy grass, and dust blowing everywhere.
    Hope to see you at Piru.