Monday, May 31, 2010


Attention Neil and everyone one else who has been following the saga of "GOING PRONE" for Bianchi.  I finally got it! The challenged octopus has her sea legs!  I managed to get my left hand down and it all fell into place ahemmmm not "fell" exactly, but gracefully and quickly soared into the landing position and ready to shoot!  If I can give anyone one a  piece of advice about going prone, get your left hand out to stop the face plant then "Ballet A El Neil" falls right into place!
Picture by Yamil Sued at the Bianchi Cup, thank you Downrange TV for posting it!


  1. Molly : getting down isn't the problem. Old fat men have NO problem getting down (you know, gravity). it's getting HELP to get UP!!!!! Good shooting, Little Lady. :))

  2. Oh...well that doesn't seem like fun!!! I noticed a lot of shooters are...springy when they go prone, like Neil Hogue! Thanks!