Monday, March 29, 2010


*Queue the trumpets* Du-du-du-duuuuuu! Allen Elishewitz came for a visit all the way from Texas!  Yes, Allen and Jim O’Young came to do some top-secret business with my friends and sponsors, Hogue! Knife business (If you click this link, you’ll get a clue! :O )  Yep….Allen will be designing knifes and Hogue will be making them.! Allen was  super dooper fun. One of his favorite pastimes, like mine is to joke around with Jim.  Notice Jim’s Game Face portrait that Allen took and shared with me.   Allen even took part in our traditional, nighttime hike through “Skunkland”, (peeeeyou) and he was a great sport about our flashlight wars.  And besides being fun he brought delicious pecans all the way from Texas!   He came with us to a local steel match on Sunday, which meant I had to take my S&W 627 revolver out of its winter hibernation, and Jim O’Young shot his usual magnificent self.   We had a Blast at the range. 

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that Allen is an artist!  While Allen was with us, I managed to interrogate – er, politely ask him questions about his art, “Knife making.”  Allen happens to be one of the top custom knife makers in the world, his knifes are all handmade.   He made his first knife in 1987, which makes it older than me…and he still keeps it to this day!    I also learned what he makes his knives out of; stainless and Damascus steels for the blades and G-10 and carbon fiber for the grips (here I go, shooting on the brain) I mean for the handles. Now, I had no idea what Damascus steel and G-10 were, but apparently Damascus steel is from the Middle East in the 17th century. Plus it looks really cool. G-10 is basically a fiber that makes the handle really strong.   Allen tells me it is very durable. Oh, and Allen mentioned that he also likes to use natural materials for the handles, which I find awesome! If you get a chance to see Allen's artwork be sure to pay attention to the handle, you will agree with me, it is amazing.   


  1. Allen makes a superior knife but he has to teach you how to hold it. I would really like to add one of his knifes to my collection.

  2. Hi B'Bs, Allen's knifes really are incredible, I hope you get one soon. I haven't had much experience with knifes except buttering toast. Maybe one day I can butter toast from 50 yards! ;)

  3. My daughters found your blog and shared it with me. You are a role model for young girls, it is really great that you like to shoot, not too many of us around any more!

  4. Hey Molly! It was nice meeting you and your family. I am glad to have had the opportunity to watch you guys shoot. Jim tells me you are gearing up for another match so good luck to you!