Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shooter Ready?

I am here! The “Steel Grounds” of Piru! Well, close enough, I am at the hotel near the infamous STEEL CHALLENGE Range which I will be calling home for the next few days! I can feel the excitement, and I can recognize a shooter from 25 yards. They are the ones in the hotel lobby, Mc Donalds, the gas station, Rite Aid getting ice cream and even sitting in their cars at “Green” lights with the glazed over look, aiming their trigger fingers at imaginary targets, over and over. I can hardly wait until tomorrow when I actually will get to go to the range and practice really hitting a few steel targets, fun, fun, fun…..the wait is nearly over.

In case you are wondering I will be shooting my Smith and Wesson 627, iron sighted, revolver in the main match on Friday and Saturday. Hark….do I hear my ICORE friends cheering me on? Although not too experienced with it, I’m feeling very good about the possibilities of actually getting it out of the holster and hitting the first plate! I guess I do have a way to go before I can catch up to John Bagakis -- he is an amazing shooter with the revolver.

This match is bound to be tons of fun and I can't wait. I'll be updating my blog every night with the happenings of the Steel Challenge.
Who else is ready to shoot? ^.^

The great picture above was taken just this afternoon (right to left) Tom Yost, BJ Norris, Todd Jarrett, Jim O’Young and Me!

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