Saturday, August 31, 2013

Guns and Ladies Shooting Clinic (Women's Outdoor News)

"As I enter my senior year of high school, I feel the excitement of facing this last year of high school learning. No longer a child, I am preparing for college life. College is something I look forward to for independence and knowledge. It’s a mindset of exploration and expansion. I’m definitely craving a world outside of the structure and discipline of high school. During the last few years, I’ve seen others desire an education outside the regular curriculum as well; and not just high school students, but also men and women want to learn firearm safety and techniques. They recognize that they still want to learn. It has been an inspiration to have people ask questions about what I do as a competitive shooter and ask how they can give it a try. As my high school life begins to wind down, the tables of education have turned when I recently helped instruct new female shooters in a fun and safe atmosphere as a volunteer instructor with Guns and Ladies shooting (GALs)..." Read more at Women's Outdoor News!

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