Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I am so pleased to introduce this junior shooter, Miss Katie Francis from Missouri. A target “plinker” since age five, she originally shot a .22 revolver and gradually moved up to bigger guns, specifically 3-gun!

Now thirteen years old, Katie says, “My favorite kind of shooting is 3-Gun. I like my Benelli 12-gauge the best!” Well-under five feet tall (hmmm that sounds familiar), Katie and a Benelli are a pretty interesting match. But what makes it better? She’s good! Just finishing her first year of major matches, she’s moved up in placing at every match. “It is good to show constant improvement.” And I’ve got to agree there.

She also hunts with her dad, a great bonding activity.

Besides shooting, Katie has a balanced school-life as well. Participating in both basketball and choir, she’s working really hard to get those straight A’s. “My parents won’t let me continue to shoot without good grades.” But that isn’t the only ambition, “It’s important for my future.” (applause)

Katie is a fantastic role-model for young shooters everywhere. Maintaining great sportsmanship, citizenship, and grades, she definitely has a bright future ahead of her. Another young, intelligent woman in the shooting world is something to be celebrated as she enters her second year shooting. GO KATIE!!

Q and A

How long have you been shooting? What's your favorite kind of shooting?
I have been shooting since I was 5. I started with a .22 revolver and moved to
bigger guns when I was about 8. My favorite kind of shooting is 3 gun. Of the
3 guns, I like my 12 gauge the best!

.22 revolvers have pretty rough trigger pulls! How did you work with that at such a young age?
The 22 revolver I used was a Ruger Single Six. It has a single action only
trigger which is not too bad.  

Other than shooting, what activities do you participate in?
I play basketball on my school team. I also sing in the school choir. Outside
of school I like to hunt with my dad and have shooting contests with my

What are some recent accomplishments in shooting and school you've had?
This year I have been working real hard on getting straight A's. Good grades
Are important for my future. My big accomplishments for shooting has been
to finish my first year of major matches and moving up at each match. It is
good to show constant improvement.

What goals do you have set in the realm of shooting?
My goals for this year are to be in the top three for juniors and ladies at
the matches I shoot. I also want to continue improving in the overall stats.

What would you tell juniors interested in getting involved with shooting

It is a really fun sport with a lot of friendly and helpful people. It does
not matter your age or size either; anyone can compete at this level.

Tell me a little bit about your sponsors?
My first sponsor was a lady named Kathy Ergovich with what ya' say hearing
protection. She custom makes my earplugs. Chris Patty at CPWSA is my primary
sponsor. I shoot his AR15 and he provides me with most of my belt gear. 5.11
is a recent sponsor. I will be representing them at SHOT show in January. My
Mom and Dad have provided me the most support!

I’m sure eager to watch Katie compete and hope I can shoot a match or two with her soon.
Keep up the fun Katie. 


  1. My question is how did you even make it through school when they suspended a kid just for asking his teacher if he had ever shot a gun. And just recently a kindergartner was suspended for 10 days for having a pink, plastic, hello Kitty bubble gun. And she never even had it on school property.

  2. Young women who do what you do can be such an inspiration to youngsters who never even considered shooting sports. Keep up the good work, and congratulations on your achievements in both your schooling and competitions. It is going to be fun watching you in the future.

  3. Like I posted....I see a military sniper in your future!!!...Keep up the great job.....and your GRADES also.....Larry D. in O-H-I-O!!!

  4. Wow ! Awesome, I hope for my daughters to enjoy shooting sports one day.