Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

29th Annual Western Trail Archery Classic

I'm in Redding, California this weekend to report for American Trigger Sports Network (ATSN-TV) covering the 29th Annual Western Trail Classic at the Straight Arrow Bow Hunters Club! This is a huge archery match; far over fourteen hundred participants! And everyone is so welcoming, and embracing the spirit of competition! We’ve gotten a lot of great interviews and footage. I love doing the interviews -- I'm learning so much about archery. It's nice to see the parallels to shooting, too. Yet I can’t seem to get over the quiet…there’s no need for ear muffs! 

I made a new friend from all the way from Maui, Hawaii, Kelson Uragomo! He is a National Archery Junior Champion! He was with his dad, also a very skilled archer! Kelson has been shooting archery since he was only three years old; how's that for dedication?

There are many junior shooters here, as well as pee-wees and women! Go girls! There’re many pros too! They’re wonderful to talk to as well as interested in sharing about the sport they love.

The funniest part of the match is the sixteen foot tall Big Foot that’s shot with two arrows from one hundred and one yards away! The really skilled archers can actually hit the bull eye on Big Foot’s chest! But the most amazing part, as with any competitive sport, is the focus of the participants, their love of archery and their incredible skill. I definitely won’t forget this experience!