Saturday, December 15, 2012

First Amendment, my Quote

America is designed for the individual. Keep it individual, be an individual, and maintain the right to assemble. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Annette with her S&W 625....She is an Amazing shot! 

Recently I got to interview my wonderful friend and teammate Annette Aysen.  She is such an amazing role model for all women.  She is strong, self assured and so generous with her time and kindness. AND...she is also an amazing shot with a revolver.  I have known and looked up to Annette since I was 12 years old!  Congratulations to my beautiful friend on your USPSA REVOLVER LADIES NATIONAL CHAMPION TITLE!
To read my interview with Annette please go to Women's Outdoor News at

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I am so pleased to introduce this junior shooter, Miss Katie Francis from Missouri. A target “plinker” since age five, she originally shot a .22 revolver and gradually moved up to bigger guns, specifically 3-gun!

Now thirteen years old, Katie says, “My favorite kind of shooting is 3-Gun. I like my Benelli 12-gauge the best!” Well-under five feet tall (hmmm that sounds familiar), Katie and a Benelli are a pretty interesting match. But what makes it better? She’s good! Just finishing her first year of major matches, she’s moved up in placing at every match. “It is good to show constant improvement.” And I’ve got to agree there.

She also hunts with her dad, a great bonding activity.

Besides shooting, Katie has a balanced school-life as well. Participating in both basketball and choir, she’s working really hard to get those straight A’s. “My parents won’t let me continue to shoot without good grades.” But that isn’t the only ambition, “It’s important for my future.” (applause)

Katie is a fantastic role-model for young shooters everywhere. Maintaining great sportsmanship, citizenship, and grades, she definitely has a bright future ahead of her. Another young, intelligent woman in the shooting world is something to be celebrated as she enters her second year shooting. GO KATIE!!

Q and A

How long have you been shooting? What's your favorite kind of shooting?
I have been shooting since I was 5. I started with a .22 revolver and moved to
bigger guns when I was about 8. My favorite kind of shooting is 3 gun. Of the
3 guns, I like my 12 gauge the best!

.22 revolvers have pretty rough trigger pulls! How did you work with that at such a young age?
The 22 revolver I used was a Ruger Single Six. It has a single action only
trigger which is not too bad.  

Other than shooting, what activities do you participate in?
I play basketball on my school team. I also sing in the school choir. Outside
of school I like to hunt with my dad and have shooting contests with my

What are some recent accomplishments in shooting and school you've had?
This year I have been working real hard on getting straight A's. Good grades
Are important for my future. My big accomplishments for shooting has been
to finish my first year of major matches and moving up at each match. It is
good to show constant improvement.

What goals do you have set in the realm of shooting?
My goals for this year are to be in the top three for juniors and ladies at
the matches I shoot. I also want to continue improving in the overall stats.

What would you tell juniors interested in getting involved with shooting

It is a really fun sport with a lot of friendly and helpful people. It does
not matter your age or size either; anyone can compete at this level.

Tell me a little bit about your sponsors?
My first sponsor was a lady named Kathy Ergovich with what ya' say hearing
protection. She custom makes my earplugs. Chris Patty at CPWSA is my primary
sponsor. I shoot his AR15 and he provides me with most of my belt gear. 5.11
is a recent sponsor. I will be representing them at SHOT show in January. My
Mom and Dad have provided me the most support!

I’m sure eager to watch Katie compete and hope I can shoot a match or two with her soon.
Keep up the fun Katie. 


A Junior Spotlight is the newest addition to The Molly Minute! I’ll be writing articles focused on junior shooters brought to my attention for being great shots and great kids that succeed in school along with extracurricular activities.  In my blog, I plan to show off these super star kids that make shooting sports proud as well as provide great positive role models for other kids, maybe even a connection for other kids and adults alike, in and out of shooting sports.  I have been so fortunate to have come across so many amazing kids that enjoy shooting sports. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Have you applied for the Outstanding Youth Achievement Award?

Brownells and the NRA have been teaming up since 2001 with a goal of annually awarding youth with it's Outstanding Youth Achievement Award.  It's an honor to receive the medal and certificate, the significance is more than a medal and a paper certificate. Its recognition and acknowledgment of dedication and hard work of focus and of course, direction.  It is an honor to be acknowledged.  Any youth. less than 21 years of age can apply; they must meet the core requirements and an additional 5 (or more) elective requirements from a possible 19...activities surrounding the shooting sports and related educational read more of my article please follow this link to Woman's Outdoor News

Friday, August 24, 2012


New videos from the MGM Grand Nationals are now on YouTube! Click the link to the right. (I'm "mollyminute") The funniest video is the zipline...I managed to keep the gun down range at all times! (And that's all I'm going to say!) You can also see the Revolver Shoot-Offs (Limited vs. Open) and the Tiny Triangle stage. More to come!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The National Rifle Association has as one of it foremost goals the protection of firearm-related rights. In this respect, it is the leader when it comes to programs related to gun safety, wildlife conservation, women’s and junior programs, philanthropy and education (not just gun related either). Programs such as Eddie Eagle (aimed for youngsters) and women’s firearm clinics are well known. Another program, a remarkable one that I was thrilled to attend, is the Youth Education Summit ( Y.E.S.). Designed to educate the youth of today to be better prepared for tomorrow on topics such as the workings of government, legislature and the Second Amendment, as well as history, Y.E.S. is an all-expense paid, week-long experience in Washington, D.C., for 46 high school sophomores and juniors. I will be forever grateful to the NRA, the Friends of National Rifle Association (FNRA) and those who wrote letters on my behalf so that I could attend....see my complete article in "Women's Outdoor News" here is the link...

Thursday, June 28, 2012


YES, today I am in Washington DC during the historic Supreme Court decision on health care AND the historic, never occurred before, bi-partisan vote to hold the United States Attorney General in contempt of Congress. is an amazing time to be here!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A Most Amazing Day Today in Washington DC! 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

29th Annual Western Trail Archery Classic

I'm in Redding, California this weekend to report for American Trigger Sports Network (ATSN-TV) covering the 29th Annual Western Trail Classic at the Straight Arrow Bow Hunters Club! This is a huge archery match; far over fourteen hundred participants! And everyone is so welcoming, and embracing the spirit of competition! We’ve gotten a lot of great interviews and footage. I love doing the interviews -- I'm learning so much about archery. It's nice to see the parallels to shooting, too. Yet I can’t seem to get over the quiet…there’s no need for ear muffs! 

I made a new friend from all the way from Maui, Hawaii, Kelson Uragomo! He is a National Archery Junior Champion! He was with his dad, also a very skilled archer! Kelson has been shooting archery since he was only three years old; how's that for dedication?

There are many junior shooters here, as well as pee-wees and women! Go girls! There’re many pros too! They’re wonderful to talk to as well as interested in sharing about the sport they love.

The funniest part of the match is the sixteen foot tall Big Foot that’s shot with two arrows from one hundred and one yards away! The really skilled archers can actually hit the bull eye on Big Foot’s chest! But the most amazing part, as with any competitive sport, is the focus of the participants, their love of archery and their incredible skill. I definitely won’t forget this experience!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


If you ever have the chance to see a Biathlon, GO! It's amazing; skiing and shooting! I was reporting with ATSN and it was great to see not only the pros, but also children, veterans, and the disabled out there having a great time.

Be looking out for articles on the event COMING SOON!

Here's a picture of the range and part of the action!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


The Bianchi Cup Official Information Guide is out, everyone! I can't believe the actual match is just around the corner.Take a look, and maybe you'll see something fun on pages 34-35. You can read it at:

Friday, February 24, 2012


I had a fantastic interview with Cam Edwards about my experiences in Mock Trial with the Second Amendment. Check it out at: 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Top Pretrial Attorney
Often I find myself involved in activities that lead me to experiences that I never expected.  I don’t plan for these intersections to occur, but they seem to always find a way! High schools have an event called Mock Trial. Basically, a criminal case is created which the students play the various parts of the court and are judged on their performance by actual attorneys and judges.  I figured this might be an interesting after school-activity, something that would widen my experiences, teach me about our judicial system and give me the opportunity to be out of my comfort zone and try something new.  When I signed up I had no idea about what the case would be or any of the details. Imagine my surprise when I found out that this year the case was a about a person being accused of murder, and a pre-trial motion regarding the legality of the women having possession of a concealed weapon! Concealed weapon...sounds like a Second Amendment case!  You can picture my astonishment when the coach announced that I would be assigned to and in charge of preparing to be the pretrial prosecution attorney. The prosecution was arguing that the conceal carry statute was constitutional, despite preventing many people from having concealed weapons. I actually looked forward to this because I never thought about defending the other side. But as most things in my life, I was headed toward something I never expected.  The coach changed my role to the pretrial defense attorney just a few weeks before the competition! As the pretrial defense attorney, I was presenting a more open view to the Second Amendment.  The Second Amendment, of course, is very important to me! When I heard I would be arguing in court for the Second Amendment right, I was ecstatic. I was able to present my understanding of Second Amendment in a court room and be judged on my ability to present my case, my thoughts my defense of the Second Amendment!  

It’s common for people take for granted the Second Amendment or interpret it to mean something else. It is also common for people take for granted the people and organizations that fight to keep our right intact. Such as the NRA and attorneys like Alan Gura who took the D.C. v. Heller case clear to the Supreme Court.  There have been many court cases to preserve these rights, and one of the most well-known cases is D.C v. Heller. Part of my job as pretrial was to read through past court cases regarding similar issues, such as Heller. It was amazing to read about those cases, like McDonald v. Chicago and Heller -- two Supreme Court cases that successfully outlined the importance of the Second Amendment in modern day America.  See the entire article in Women’s Outdoor News

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Guns and Robots: A SHOT Show Weekend

See my article at WON

Last week it seems like everyone and their brother in the shooting world was at the SHOT Show! Sadly, I still have one more year before I can make it out to the show myself.  Luckily, there is no height limit but they do have an age limit!  I hope everyone who attends has a fantastic time. I really, really wanted to go this year; I even got a press-pass! But the age limit overrules the pass. Fortunately, this weekend I didn’t have the opportunity to mope, as I had a Robotics competition about three hours away, and a steel match at my local range on Sunday.
    Yes, when I am not shooting at targets I quench my competitive nature with robotics (the competition was a Vex Robotics competition). Each team has two drivers and a coach; you go against other teams and try to score more goals by placing objects in containers. Most of the robots use claws or conveyor belts to pick up items and drop them into the containers or goals.
       First was robotics on Saturday. It seemed promising. The controls were working, my team mate had programmed the controllers to what seemed like perfection, and we were fixing the little bugs to the best of our ability. Batteries were charged, the keys were in, and everything was plugged in. We were ready to go!
          There were six matches Saturday and I think that I could sum it up rather easily…
          Yes, there were many “arrrgs!” that day. On every match, something had gone wrong. At one point when I was controlling, I pressed the wrong button causing the robot to expand to the point that it tipped over. For our team, it felt like going up to shoot without ammo.  Needless to say, we lost that match as our robot laid hopelessly on its side.  My team found out that though, although we could control our robot accurately and for a good amount of time on the practice field, but on the actual course the robot could only move for about five seconds before stalling out. We tested everything – batteries, connections, wheels, motors. Everything seemed to work fine! It wasn’t until we were about to leave that a teacher from a nearby school gave us a possible explanation to our spaz-tastic robot. Maybe, just maybe, our motors were overheating.  
          That seemed to be the most plausible diagnosis for our little robot. The day was overall very fun. It was frustrating at times, without a doubt, yet our entire team did have a lesson reinforced; perseverance. We had six matches to do, and by the third one it seemed like it wouldn’t make a difference if we went home. Yet we chose to stay and finish the day and try our best to fix the robot. Perseverance drives people to achieve things that others would only give up on. If we didn’t stay we may have never learned what was wrong with the robot!
          The Lack-of-SHOT-Show weekend didn’t end there. I woke up early on Sunday, excited for our Club Steel Challenge match, thinking this would end the SHOT Show blues.  Yep, there was a club match all right.  As I came barreling up the walkway with excitement and my REVOLVER GEAR in hand, Eric Leach was showing me a shot gun shell. We all know what that means! It was a shotgun match. Oops.   
          How was the SHOT Show? I’ll be seeing you all next year. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

The year in review and looking ahead — robotics, shotguns, revolvers, rifles and pigeon searching

Check out my newest article at the WON! 
Just this month, I had the new and exciting experience of shooting Action Shotgun. Straightforward enough, eh? Well, for my stature it took a little bit more energy! At the same time I think that my stature made it more fun. Let me say that shotgun has been one of the most fun things I’ve done in the shooting sports. I was shooting a pump-action, loaned to me by my friend Dave Wilson! Dave is pretty tall, so the shotgun was nearly as long as I was tall! Shooting steel and flying clays while moving AND reloading made for a new dimension of shooting. Reloading was perplexing at first, a new process I had to figure out. Luckily, it didn’t take long at all for me to realize that a shotgun doesn’t reload like a revolver. (Where does the moon clip go again?)
Eric Leech and I spent a long time at the safe table trying to figure out what would be the most convenient way, but when I got on the line I discovered what worked for me – using my leg as a table! It looked kind of funny, but it worked! I might have to change that as I keep developing with shotgun, but I can add that to my list of New Year’s resolutions!
Speaking of New Year’s … this year is almost over! I keep thinking what an amazing year it has been, starting from the beginning with the exciting competition with my S&W 627 revolver at the ICORE Southwest Regional.  Then the NRA Bianchi Cup, where I experienced my first-ever tornado (eeek!) And saw all my friends who I only see once a year, at this match. I was so excited about the IRC (International Revolver Competition) and although I didn’t meet chrono, (so close!) this was a good experience for me, as I learned the importance of checking the chrono before a match! The MGM Shooting camp in Idaho was amazing. I made tons of new friends as well as learned a lot about shooting from fabulous world-class instructors.  The Steel Challenge came next, where I defended my title as Top Lady Limited Revolver! I’m sad to see this match leave California, but I am looking forward to Jim O’Young’s West Coast Steel Challenge. I also went to the Gun Blogger’s Rendezvous and had a blast with all my gun blogging friends.
But my year wasn’t just shooting. I’ve been participating in my school’s Mock Trial and Robotics club! Those are both really fun; in Mock Trial, the case is involving the Second Amendment! How perfect is that? Right up my alley! Robotics has different aspects than the ones I’ve written about before, like all the little pieces and programming, but it has some similarities like patience! The robotics team has had to redo many parts on our little robot, but it’s really paid off! I’ve also started volunteering with the Coastal Discovery Education Center, where I help research and create advertisements for different events going on at the beach or beach/ocean related talks or activities. The highlight of the Discover Center was when I had the task to figure out the origin of a deceased pigeon using its tag. After extensive Internet research and pigeon-search-engines (they have those), I found out that it was from Oklahoma! We still don’t know how it came all the way to California, but I hope it had a chance to enjoy the sunshine!
This past year has really been full of great experiences for me. And now, I have my resolutions for 2012. Of course, I want to get better at shooting, do more shooting, get better outfitted for shooting (new shotgun from Santa, maybe?), make more shooting friends and somewhere in there squeeze in write more – about shooting! I want to do more to raise money for and awareness of Soldier’s Angels. I’m going to have to squeeze in good grades, too, but that’s not too bad because I really like school! What are your New Year’s resolutions?