Tuesday, November 1, 2011


There comes a time in every (short) person’s life when they are faced with a challenge, for some that challenge comes often. Most recently my challenge was an option: do I give up when faced with a port too high for me to even see the target, or do I shoot?
Well, I was going to shoot of course, because I love a challenge!
But the question was now how could I manage this? I couldn’t see the A-zone (center of the target) on my tippy toes! That’s when I met Mr. Box (notice the really good looking fellow between Eric Leach and I in the picture). He became a trusted ally at the last local ICORE match at SLOSA. The organizers of the match were thoughtful and really creative.  Thinking of my height challenge they strategically placed an optional box for me, providing access to the high ports.
It was a problem at first, but for every shooter, there will, one day, be a problem…but nearly always a solution along with it! Don’t give up! Face that challenge, through laughs and teasing and lots of head scratching know there is a solution to be had. High ports or low ports, timer malfunctions or scoring malfunctions, in every match, there is something. Yet with the right mind set, any problem has a good solution! Even with a re-shoot, sometimes all you need to do is know what you need to do, shoot as best as you can! And don’t give up.  A Challenge...that makes for one great match.
Mr. Box is now a good friend of mine, ahem, part of my squad.  You see, I hit the target's “A’s”. We had a grand time. I had a great squad and a great time. What’s better than a beautiful day on the coast, run and gunning with my revolver and facing a challenge head on?
By the way, I asked mom if Mr. Box could live in our garage until the next match. Her response, well…does rolling eyes mean anything? 

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