Monday, August 1, 2011


This weekend I shot a Steel Challenge match in, you guessed it, Piru, California! It was great, not just because I had an awesome squad and I shot well, but because all the funds went to help a fellow shooting family in need. After a really, really unfortunate event happened to them, the shooting community banded together and have been raising funds to help this family! It was awesome to be able to help out like that, and it really shows what kind of people you encounter when you go to the range; a range family! I love that about shooting! We‘re a family!
There were so many amazing donations! A man donated all the food for shooter’s lunches, Mike Thomson and Mike Dalton donated all the range and shooter fees, and many people donated prizes as well. It was wonderful to see all the charity and compassion!  If you are wondering about this family and would like to help please contact Ron Joslin at the California Wheelburners at either (310) 613-5129 or
This picture is of Mike Thompson and me.  He’s a great range host! Thank you Mike!