Sunday, July 10, 2011

TRIPLE B'S WITH ATSN (American Trigger Sport Network)

              Thank you soooo much Rose-Marie and James Towle for the opportunity to go to an incredible range in Southern California…Triple B Sporting Clays! I loved my day there; I loved my experience with ATSN (American Trigger Sports Network). Triple B is mostly shotgun, that in itself was great learning for me, and the property is HUGE! So huge in fact, that you have to get around on golf carts while you’re there! And guess what?  I learned how to drive. Rose-Marie, the woman behind the scenes of ATSN really took me under her wing and showed me how things worked…like golf carts! Yes, my first driving lesson!!!! The task my parents are too scared to take up, Rose-Marie did with next to no fear (at least it looked that way), and maybe a few sore muscles from the bumpy roads… and made the day a blast! Yes, Rose-Marie didn’t hesitate to put me in the driver’s seat show me how to turn the cart on and told me to just “Go for it!” I loved my day with her! She’s amazing.
                Well, most of you know that I’m more commonly found at a pistol range than a shotgun range, but that day I wasn’t shooting (for the most part…); I was invited by Trigger Sports Live ( to observe and help out as much as I could filming segments for their show! For me this was a dream come true. I have only been on the other side of the camera, being interviewed and filmed as I shoot. But, I’ve always been really interested in what happens with the media aspect of shooting, and I have got to say it was really, really great. The crew was constantly confronted with interesting and fun things for their viewers, they have to be really alert and aware of everything going on around them so they can capture it. I was so impressed! This was an incredible opportunity! Next stop? The studio to see how it all comes together! Can’t wait!  


  1. Molly Girl! I bet those Shotgunners were surprised to see a golf cart driving Revolver shooter there! Looks like you had lots of fun.

  2. Molly - that is great that you were able to go behind the camera! I have been afforded the opportunity to help out at Babes with Bullets camps behind the camera and its a very rewarding experience. I think I learn more (or at least as much) behind the camera as I do at camp. I certainly have just as much fun! But it is hard work, that's for sure. Good job, Molly!

  3. Thanks, Melita! I have to agree with was so much fun! It's great to have a change of pace, from going in front of the camera to behind it. James Towle and Rose-Marie were SO great! They were really focused on the shooters and the sport, which was really cool! They also made sure I had a good time and learned a lot.:)