Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This picture that was taken by Doug Sallee.  

Shooting requires grace and balance as well as agility and accuracy. Now how much of that is displayed in the picture? …That’s what I thought. Now if I can get my legs in the right direction, I’ll be in business! I like this picture partly because it’s interesting to see the mid-air decline while going prone and also because it’s funny to see if I really look that weird! (My mom assured me that all teenagers go through the phase where their legs and ankles go in funny directions at some point.)
And I’m proud to announce that I’m getting better and better! Going prone has its useful points, like stabilizing shots…or makes for interesting jokes! Well, it’s not folding paper cranes or painting portraits, but it’s definitely an art; a fun one too! 
Is it a bird? Or a plane? Nope! Just me, like many other shooters, going prone. Sometimes it does feel like you’re flying and hopefully you have a steady landing, because those hard landings can hurt!  One of the best parts about ICORE besides running and gunning is flying through the air and going prone! I can’t wait until this Saturday because that’s when my local range has its ICORE match! It’s going to be so fun!

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