Thursday, July 28, 2011


At the MGM Junior Shooting Camp last week, I had such a fantastic time that I want to share some of the highlights!
We had amazing instructors who we were fortunate enough to cycle through and learn from.   Phil Strader’s stage was action packed! We learned about how to move to a target, while keeping our guns up. That way, you have your sights mostly acquired and you’re on target! It was tricky at first, but with the drills Phil used, we were pros by the end of the session! Some of you may be wondering what sort of techniques Phil uses to get his students to be so successful in their shooting. Well…I…ok, just look at the picture.

Cowboy quick draw? Or BJ Norris quick draw? On day two, my squad was definitely working on the BJ Norris quick draw. From what I heard, my squad lucked out; BJ had some of the junior shooters on full army march! One-two-three-four-DRAW-two-three-four. And sprinting. BJ recorded our average draw speed at the beginning of the class and then again at the end. We all improved! By a LOT! It’s outstanding to see what just a few hours of practicing with a pro can do! He had us work on hand placement when the start position is “Wrists above shoulders.” We had to think: Was that the best place to put our hands?

Manny Bragg (AKA Squad Leader Extraordinaire) started my squad on the first day. He was teaching us how to shoot something many shooters aren’t particularly fond of, (and not those squirrels in your yard) swinging targets! He told us so many great tips and let us practice the swinging targets over and over and over! That’s really what we needed! It gave us time to see how the swinging target moved and where our hits were going. We learned to follow it while it was on the move!
Manny also stuck with my squad on the final day and shot the match with us. It was a blast to have such a great shooter demonstrates stages then show us the different options on each. He walked us through the field courses and gave us great strategies. And most of all, he stuck around in the hot sun with eight juniors all day and we all had the best time! Thanks so much, Manny!

I’ve shot a shotgun, a revolver, .22 pistols and rifles. I’ve even fired an AR 15 a few times. But you know what I haven’t done before this weekend? Hit a target at 100 yards with an AR 15. Matt Burkett showed us the basics of the AR-15 for those of us (myself) who hadn’t learned anything from where the safety was to how to pull back the slide. Yes, I was that new to the rifle. It was really neat to be able to try shooting from different positions; standing, kneeling, prone. First I was nervous with something almost totally new for me, but by the end I was having just as much fun as everyone else, plinking away at those far targets!

Shooting a barricade can be totally different depending on the person. Some people can see over the barricade. Other people, like me and other female and junior shooters have to lean a little far over to see the targets. It has always been a struggle for me to find the best angle, the best foot position, everything when it comes to a barricade. Thankfully, there was an entire two hours where Max Michel taught us how to properly shoot around a barricade. Some of the lessons I had no idea about, such as sliding your foot to give you more of a view of the targets rather than leaning impossibly far! He had us doing fun drills so we could get used to hitting targets when there’s something obstructing your way. He covered everything, from how far away to stand to where to put your feet, to how to hold your arms!

 Randi Rogers, a prior female junior shooting champion spent two plus hours with my squad! Not only a great shooter, she always has a smile and a hug!  That day she wasn’t only giving out hugs and smiles, but giving us instruction on reloads!  Reloads could be one of the biggest ways to save time on stages. Of course, avoiding needing to reload is the best option, but when you do need to reload it’s best to do so FAST! That’s what Randi Rogers taught us! As I was the only revolver in the group, she had to take a couple minutes to explain what I could do to increase my reload speed with a revolver. She even taught the group some IDPA reloads! That was really interesting to see.
At the end, she gave us time to ask her questions on any aspect of shooting. I had the opportunity to ask her about shooting one handed. She showed the group a great stance to take up when shooting with one hand. Put the leg of the side you’re shooting with forward (right handed, right leg forward) and lean into it while putting the arm you aren’t using to your chest.

By the end of camp, I felt so confident because of the wonderful instructors.
But that’s not the most important part. Rhonda Gibbson of MGM targets is awesome! Thank you so much  for all your hard work, Rhonda!  From coordinating and lining up extremely generous sponsors, to your generous caring and loving support of all the junior shooters.  The MGM Junior Shooting Camp is an experience that I will never forget! Rhonda is an amazing lady for her dedication to junior shooters and the shooting sport. I can’t wait for next year!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This picture that was taken by Doug Sallee.  

Shooting requires grace and balance as well as agility and accuracy. Now how much of that is displayed in the picture? …That’s what I thought. Now if I can get my legs in the right direction, I’ll be in business! I like this picture partly because it’s interesting to see the mid-air decline while going prone and also because it’s funny to see if I really look that weird! (My mom assured me that all teenagers go through the phase where their legs and ankles go in funny directions at some point.)
And I’m proud to announce that I’m getting better and better! Going prone has its useful points, like stabilizing shots…or makes for interesting jokes! Well, it’s not folding paper cranes or painting portraits, but it’s definitely an art; a fun one too! 
Is it a bird? Or a plane? Nope! Just me, like many other shooters, going prone. Sometimes it does feel like you’re flying and hopefully you have a steady landing, because those hard landings can hurt!  One of the best parts about ICORE besides running and gunning is flying through the air and going prone! I can’t wait until this Saturday because that’s when my local range has its ICORE match! It’s going to be so fun!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

TRIPLE B'S WITH ATSN (American Trigger Sport Network)

              Thank you soooo much Rose-Marie and James Towle for the opportunity to go to an incredible range in Southern California…Triple B Sporting Clays! I loved my day there; I loved my experience with ATSN (American Trigger Sports Network). Triple B is mostly shotgun, that in itself was great learning for me, and the property is HUGE! So huge in fact, that you have to get around on golf carts while you’re there! And guess what?  I learned how to drive. Rose-Marie, the woman behind the scenes of ATSN really took me under her wing and showed me how things worked…like golf carts! Yes, my first driving lesson!!!! The task my parents are too scared to take up, Rose-Marie did with next to no fear (at least it looked that way), and maybe a few sore muscles from the bumpy roads… and made the day a blast! Yes, Rose-Marie didn’t hesitate to put me in the driver’s seat show me how to turn the cart on and told me to just “Go for it!” I loved my day with her! She’s amazing.
                Well, most of you know that I’m more commonly found at a pistol range than a shotgun range, but that day I wasn’t shooting (for the most part…); I was invited by Trigger Sports Live ( to observe and help out as much as I could filming segments for their show! For me this was a dream come true. I have only been on the other side of the camera, being interviewed and filmed as I shoot. But, I’ve always been really interested in what happens with the media aspect of shooting, and I have got to say it was really, really great. The crew was constantly confronted with interesting and fun things for their viewers, they have to be really alert and aware of everything going on around them so they can capture it. I was so impressed! This was an incredible opportunity! Next stop? The studio to see how it all comes together! Can’t wait!