Friday, June 24, 2011


The West Coast Steel Challenge was last weekend in Piru, California. My friends Jim O’Young and Mike Dalton did a great job and I think it was a huge success! I had a blast! There were lots of shooters; over 100. It was great to see so many of my friends!
 The match was set up to take place all in one day, including awards. A few of the shooters (myself included) had the right idea to get there early! We were squdded quickly and shot the match before it got too hot out.  We finished before noon! It was awesome! My squad was small and that was pretty great. I had never shot with them before, so it was really nice getting to know them.  We had fun with some great conversations about Magic Mountain, roller coasters and Legoland.   I can’t wait to shoot with them again!
I shot my Smith and Wesson 627 iron sighted revolver, and felt I did pretty well! But of course as I critique how I did, I found areas that I need to practice. One thing I kept doing was hitting the plate twice! I really need to work on trusting where the bullet goes not listening for it to hit. I think one of my best stages (or most improved) was Outer Limits. I had two clean runs! Outer Limits has the longest shot in of all the match and you have to move between boxes! Tricky at first, but its fun to be able to do a side-shuffle or moon-walk like Jim O’Young does.
              This match was a great warm up for the Steel Challenge the final match will be in August, hope to see you then!

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