Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lessons Learned (Bianchi Cup.1)

Great few days of practice for the NRA Bianchi Cup! The horrible tornado that hit Joplin so hard is weighing heavily on so many of the shooters hearts, yet there is still a  feeling of excitement in the air for the match.  Tomorrow is the first day of the match and I’m ready! I will be shooting my 627 Smith & Wesson production revolver. I’ve learned a lot these past few days and every time I shoot a match the learning aspects are huge.  So this is how my lesson today went…
“Shooter Ready…Stand BY….Beeeeeep” and down I went prone. I shot the plates, but I couldn’t understand the chuckles from behind me. I hit (most) of the plates. I wasn’t too worried about there being something on my face, seeing as I was facing away from them. Did I sit in a puddle of mud again? I turned around. Someone (who won’t be named *cough J.M. cough*) explained, “Your legs were in the air.” What! I thought.
Ooops. Never knew when I go prone that my legs, from the knees down go up in the air, and stay up waving back and forth like I am pumping a swing. Now that I know this, I have to try and keep my legs down! Kinda embarrassing.  It’s more stable with your legs down, toes pointed outwards; I understand that; it makes perfect sense. Unfortunately when I focus on shooting, it is on my trigger.  Are my legs really up in the air?   Another thing to add to the mental check list!

Wheelburners Awsome ICORE Match

Fun and Fast Squad!

Flora concentrating on amazing accuracy!
  It was a cold, foggy morning at the Piru range last weekend as I was loading my moonclips and looking forward to a great day shooting revolvers, at the Wheelburners ICORE club match. I couldn’t help but notice the absence of women, however.  At first, anyway. Before long, a few women showed up, including my friend Janet Leach, she brought some sunshine of her own with her. Among the ladies, there was Flora Yang. I had only met her briefly a couple of times before, but was familiar with her name from hearing it announced at multiple competitions. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I learned I was going to be on a squad with her!
                As the day continued, we were both shooting great. We were the only two women on our squad, she shooting open and I shooting limited. And the men on our squad were shooting great too, I love these kinds of matches, the day flew by and I was having a blast.  But the best part of the day was to get to know Flora better and to be able to see her shoot, watching her techniques for accuracy! She was amazingly accurate and really fast! She was shooting a 627 V-Comp and had been shooting revolvers for only a year! She had been shooting semi autos for about six years, but its great to see any woman shooting! Especially revolvers! We avoided sticking our fingers down the snake holes to get the moonclips that rolled in and shared the secret of the best place to stand on near and far standards… “away from the ants”.  Thank you Wheelburners for putting on a really fun match!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Announcing a New Sponsorship!

Exciting news! I'll be posting for GunUp now!! They have a lot of great articles on just about anything shooting. It's really great to be part of their Pro Staff! You guys can ask me questions! Be looking out for me at GunUp!