Sunday, April 17, 2011


            I used to think that only the older fellows forgot things at the range. Now I know otherwise…
As most competitive shooters know, there is a lot of waiting for your turn in matches. There was a pretty long waiting line for the moving target at the Prado range the second Sunday, this month.  I set my Molly Box (A green fishing box that has been decorated with flowers and my name painted on that I keep my supplies in, a great idea from my friend Jim O’Young) down, held onto my target, and chatted with my fellow shooters. I don’t exactly stay still for very long – I just move or fiddle a lot. Sadly, I was too engaged in everything else to even think about what I was doing…passing the waiting time.
I shot (still improving!) and was reloading my moon clips, discussing with my dad how the mover went, when he asked a very important question.
“That’s great! Where’s your score sheet?”
“Right here – oh.” I realized it wasn’t in my box. Nor under it, nor beside it. I placed it in between the plasters on the moving target! (You just staple over a clean target, and between the papers is where I put the sheet, then I attached it to the plasters that move back and forth.) But they had extra targets so I didn’t shoot the ones I brought up! I looked up in dismay, watching the target move with a little slip of white hanging from under the paper; obviously bullet holes would be included on my score sheet, as another shooter shot it with precision. Unknown to him my entire match was recorded on that little white piece of paper.  Once the shooter had finished, I got a few interesting glances when I scurried up to the target, stuttering about what had happened. By the time I got back, I had the pleasure of explaining what happened to Scott from Safariland! He enjoyed the story so much he sent it to Julie G! Errr…I can explain!
It was definitely a forgetful event to remember.

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  1. Aw, Molly! Like this story. Thanks for being able to laugh at yourself, too! We all do stuff like this, and it takes a big person to reveal it to others!