Saturday, January 29, 2011

SHE Communicator Award: An Interview On the Firing Line With Jim and Joe

SHE Impressions Summary

“On the Firing Line with Jim and Joe” Radio Show KUHL & KSMA

“SHE? What’s that?” Jim Kauth leaned forward and pushed the microphone towards me while Joe Degeus crossed his arms jetted his chin and nodded at the question. All eyes were on me, all two pairs of eyes, as well as a multitude of radio listeners from Central California. I was gradually relaxing in the foam covered room, gaining confidence about talking on the radio. They asked me to come on their radio show to talk about being a fourteen year old, female, competitive shooter, which I figured would be an easy and fun task. To my relief, it didn’t take but just a few deep breaths for me to realize that this radio stuff was lots of fun. “She outdoor clothing for women, I exclaimed!”

“Well….a clothing company?” Joe asked, realizing with a bit of surprise that they had never heard of the SHE clothing line, I continued “SHE clothing, SHE women’s clothing, they have style.” Jim looking on added they do have style. And that is probably a great thing because for many years females looking for durable outdoor clothing have had to wear men’s clothing.”

Jim and Joe looked a bit puzzled as I went into further detail, about how much I like the style of the SHE clothing line. “They have really nice products for girls who hunt or fish or like me even shoot! It’s really great, the clothes fit and are made for the outdoors, and its not your dad’s or brother’s clothes”

They nodded, understanding about half of what I said. I spoke too fast. I always speak to fast when I become especially energetic about the topic. Instead of repeating, why not do something different? I thought, be me!

I stood up, they looked with baffled expressions, I motioned to my shirt, displaying the SHE logo in the center and their mouths formed “O”s.

“Not only do they have clothes that are practical, but also fashionable, like my shirt, really cute!” I spoke thinking of myself like one of those women on those commercials talking about how great a product was, seemed Boring! SHE clothing is not boring, I thought and wanted to get that across.

“I mean, look at how cute this is! I can wear it to the range or anywhere. I have a jacket from SHE at home, too. It’s waterproof so I can shoot in the rain without a problem! And they are soooo comfy!” This was more like me. I smiled, standing there in the middle of the studio showing my shirt and being myself I knew that although the listeners could not see my shirt, they could hear my enthusiasm for SHE clothing and that of the radio hosts.

Jim and Joe, the hosts, who are also owners of Rangemaster of Santa Maria a gun and sportswear store, noticed my eagerness about SHE and nodded, “For all of those who don’t have web-cams hooked up in our studio and can’t see what she’s talking about, she’s displaying a lovely gray shirt from SHE Clothing.”

“It’s gray and silver and has swirlies all over it.” I explained further, taking my seat again.

“It really is a nice shirt,” Jim commented. “And you hear that, outdoors-ladies out there? There’s a clothing company just for you. Molly, how would ladies go about contacting SHE about their products?”

“The easiest way would be to go to their website,”

Joe nodded, “Great. So tell us about why you love shooting-”

And the interview continued for another twenty minutes. They asked me more questions about what I do in shooting, why I shoot, all things like that. When the clock on the wall showed one minute left, they asked me if I had any comments to wrap the show up.

“I want to thank you guys for having me on here! It’s been a blast. Also, thanks to my sponsors, Hogue Grips, Tactical Solutions, Speed-E-Rack, Smith & Wesson, and SHE clothing.”

They smiled and said their conclusion of the day and the commercials began to play.

Jim looked at my shirt again, “That really is a nice shirt. You know, by associating clothes and shooting, you probably sparked a lot of interest from women about it.”

“That’s what I’m aiming for!” I said happily.


I got something pretty useful, very sturdy AND fashionable from two friends of mine, Dave Mathis and Mike Stilwell! All the way from Utah, Action Target made me a new bag for my revolver! Best part? It matches my box, and it has my name on it, too. Personalized! Thank you so much, Dave, Mike, and Action Target! I love it.