Thursday, September 30, 2010


Are you a New shooter?

A Junior shooter?

A Female shooter?

A shooter who just wants to shoot?

I have a match for you!!! POP GUN NIGHT! Come one, come all to the SLOSA .22 rifle night every 1st Saturday night of the month. It is run by my good friend Nelson Dymond and it is a “blast”! (See what I did there?) I just went, and it was really great! I was able to shoot with some new shooters on their first time shooting, and it was awesome to see how well they did! One of them even got a medal!! We went through the whole process: learning the basics of safety, getting the targets out, setting them up, shooting them up, and taking them down…and we looked awesome doing it. You see those two really cool guys were shooting my pink rifle, my amazing X-ring, courtesy of Tactical Solutions with the bright pink stock, thank you Hogue Grips Hogue Grips! I can safely say that we were stylin’ and having tons of fun. We got to visit with the other juniors there, try each other’s guns, and just be kids…kids that can safely handle firearms, that is. But Pop Gun night is not only for kids! So, when am I going to see all of you grown-ups out there??

By the way, thanks for the compliments on my shirt! It is part of a collection from SHE clothing (check them out…great gear for women that spend time outdoors).

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