Saturday, July 17, 2010


Pro Am Countdown: One day left!!!

(mom's very first pic of a smoking gun!)
The USSA range is really nice, its huge. The temperature is a little hot for my liking but it is sure green.  Tomorrow is the big day and I will be shooting the Pro Am for the very first time! All steel…run and gun…hmm…and I’m shooting it with my revolver…hm, ICORE meets Steel Challenge? I think so! Combining two of my most favoritest things in the (shooting) world -- speed shooting and run and gun. EXCELENT! And I can do it with my S&W 627 revolver.  I feel…ready for this!! One of those things when you just want to speed up time so you can get there, and then slow time down so you can enjoy it! It’s already kind of turning out like that too -- time flies!
Hope I can get to sleep tonight.....shooter meeting at 700am!  And even more exciting is that I will be seeing all the friends I have made from all over.  I am sooo looking forward to seeing everyone again. 

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  1. Hey Molly - got some good pics of you from the ProAm...

    Take a look through them all and let me know which ones you'd like full sized - the ones on flickr or pretty low res. :)