Saturday, July 17, 2010


Whew! I have arrived at the Pro Am!!! Today I went to the range where the actual competition will be happening. I was anxiously scanning outside the car, waiting for the green landscape to turn into the brown range, gee, it never did! Behind me I heard cooing, “Ooooh, it’s so pretty! Look at the lake! And all the grass! And the lodge!”

Where were we? Back at the hotel? I looked out the other side of the car and saw that just beyond the lake, there were shooting bays. They were green. GREEN!! In California, it’s only green during the rain, and never in summer! I was shocked, blown away, amazed, and super, duper excited. I’ve never shot in a place like this before; it reminded me of Disneyland complete with a pond and a goose!

We checked in at the lodge, and there we met three very nice gentlemen! They were more than happy to explain everything about the range -- where to shoot, the precautions, all that. They were so kind, even giving us directions to markets and telling us the good places to eat; much appreciated! I was really hungry. At the end of the day, Jim even gave me a rubber bracelet! (Do those have a name?)

And then I saw it.

Well actually, my mom saw it.

“DUCK!” my mom squealed, pointing at a goose.

Yes, there it was. The dreaded goose of Pro Am Lake! We were warned about him…but that didn’t stop my mom from going to get a picture! And have one of her special talks with him (Those darn tourists!) Somewhere in the time it took for my mom to take the picture, they must have bonded because now we call him “Pete”.  Fortunately for Pete he lives at the Pro Am Lake...if he was at SLOSA I think his goose would be cooked!

I must say, this has to be the prettiest range I’ve ever been to! It was amazing! They even had some Steel Challenge stages set up! And no problem, I could shoot all I wanted…8pm they were still giving me a howdy-do! I have attached a special picture for Jim “O” Speed Option in the grass…do you love it?

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