Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well THAT was Embarrassing...

(Photo by Cameron Chapman-Pinto)

“Your gun’s in that hand…” Neil Hogue and Eric Leach sighed again as I pounded my right hand (which held an imaginary revolver) down on the carpet to prevent my chin from bashing into the ground. Going prone was definitely a lot harder than just face planting, which at this point, I had mastered. Yesterday at the local ICORE match, Neil and Eric were showing me the different techniques for the nearly inhuman art of going prone. Yep. Shoes off (Sorry for the smell, John Allchin!), hat off to the side, a mother with a first-aid kit nearby, and my audience (Neil, Eric, John Allchin, Jim O’Young and a few others) stifling laughter, I was diving down on that mat like a crazy octopus. The goal was to be on my belly, gun drawn, and looking down my sight at the target. It wasn’t really working that well, considering how much more complicated it was than just that! I kept forgetting that my right hand was suppose to have a gun in it, my legs had to be out from under me, and that my left hand was for support. Just a little difficult! By the end of the day, I managed to be about half-way to a decent technique. Thank you Neil and Eric sooooo much!!! You guys are awesome!


  1. I luv to see my photography displayed on your blog. It was fun shooting you. Pun intended. CANT WAIT TO SHOOT AGAIN XD!!!

  2. Cameron, you are so funny. I had a great time shooting with you too, you are pretty good at it! I just can't figure out how were gonna get you to lean forward! It makes it a lot easier to hit the target that way. :) Molly