Monday, April 12, 2010


I just had a fantastic time at the Southwest ICORE Regional Match! Thanks to Dave Wilson the Match Director and the SLOSA ICORE team. It was a ton of fun to see people I haven’t seen in a long time. The stages were AMAZING, lots of moving around, backing up, bull’s eyes, jumping around, and there was even a Texas Star! I was squaded with fellow Smith & Wesson team-member, John Bagakis, 1st place limited! He gave some awesome tips and lots of smiles the whole time. And Rich Wolfe, 1st place open, was also on my squad. I saw amazing shooting! Here’s a secret: if you listen carefully, you can hear the top-shooter’s plans for stages; they plan their strategy talking to each other! (Or they could have just been mumbling to themselves though…)
So…Here is my question. When is enough, enough?
One stage, Hard Cover Alley, was an especially challenging stage for me. And by challenging, I mean it was twice as fun. It was a standard “shoot ‘em as you see ‘em” stage, just running through the course and shooting the targets, well, as you see them! I was doing super duper well! At the very end of the hallway, there was a plate rack a good distance away (not entirely sure…maybe 20 yards?) and we had to shoot down three out of the six from one side, and the other three from the other side. I did pretty well. Until the last plate. Two moonclips, yep… and a lot of time. I don’t really understand that there is a point to stop (enough shooting already) and take the penalty…ooops! When is enough, enough?
Another very fun stage was Left Right Center, was a stage where you started in the center, shot the targets in front of you, go to one of the sides, shoot the targets, and then go BACK to the middle, then to the other side. I forgot I had to engage the targets in the middle twice. But never fear! I remembered as soon as I passed the box! Yes, all is well, as I quickly jumped back into the middle box and finished the stage, happy as could be. Art Leach and Ivan the RO’s, were just about to call a penalty when they realized I am part ping pong ball, and bounce really well, they just laughed.(video here)
There was another stage that was especially good, Pro Am, and I think it originated at an Easter egg hunt. Pretty pastel colors on the plate and matching boxes. That was the easy part, but off in the distance was the Red Queen’s plates, bright red and round. (“Off with their heads!!”) 30 seconds to hit all the plates. This was a challenge but what fun! If you were really accurate and fast, you could actually get a negative time for your score.  Tom Hubbard designed this stage and it was the talk of the event. 
Well, I didn’t give John too much of a challenge this time, but I did leave the match with the best prize of all… I left with the memories of a great match.


  1. Great post, Molly! Sounds like you had a good time.

    Mr. C.

  2. Hey Mr. C.! Yep, I had a great time. I'm looking forward to shooting with you August!
    Molly :)

  3. Molly you need to see if you take longer than the penalty to reload. Hope that helps. B.

  4. Molly, that is correct be sure to figure out if it would take longer to reload than to take a penalty. Have a Great Time on your big Trip next week, we are cheering for you. John

  5. Hi John,
    So glad to know you are cheering for me. I can hardly wait for next week. The "Cup" is going to be so much fun! I have been working on that reloading thing...penalty looks like the way to go.