Thursday, September 30, 2010


Are you a New shooter?

A Junior shooter?

A Female shooter?

A shooter who just wants to shoot?

I have a match for you!!! POP GUN NIGHT! Come one, come all to the SLOSA .22 rifle night every 1st Saturday night of the month. It is run by my good friend Nelson Dymond and it is a “blast”! (See what I did there?) I just went, and it was really great! I was able to shoot with some new shooters on their first time shooting, and it was awesome to see how well they did! One of them even got a medal!! We went through the whole process: learning the basics of safety, getting the targets out, setting them up, shooting them up, and taking them down…and we looked awesome doing it. You see those two really cool guys were shooting my pink rifle, my amazing X-ring, courtesy of Tactical Solutions with the bright pink stock, thank you Hogue Grips Hogue Grips! I can safely say that we were stylin’ and having tons of fun. We got to visit with the other juniors there, try each other’s guns, and just be kids…kids that can safely handle firearms, that is. But Pop Gun night is not only for kids! So, when am I going to see all of you grown-ups out there??

By the way, thanks for the compliments on my shirt! It is part of a collection from SHE clothing (check them out…great gear for women that spend time outdoors).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

GBR QUICK DRAW (Attention Cowboy Shooters)!

Another year....Another Cowboy Quick Draw competition! And yet again that 1st place standing eludes me...but, I am content with 2nd place!  Quick Cal, Thank You for all your helpful hints and generous instruction...I had a great time. 
How many years will Packing Rat and I continue to battle it out for the Quick Draw Championship? The world may never know...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here is an update up about my adventure at the Steel Challenge, 2010! So, what’s a girl going to do with a S&W 627 Revolver? …why shoot the World Championship, Steel Challenge with it of course!

For those of you who don’t know, the Steel Challenge consists of eight stages, each you have to shoot five times. The stages all have five targets each, one of those five targets being a “stop plate,” the plate you must hit last. The goal of the Steel Challenge is to get the fastest time you can! It’s one of my favorite matches. I love to shoot fast, and I love to shoot my revolver fast, that coupled with the energy that rushes through me once the timer goes off makes this a very exciting match.

The Main Match day one! The day started after waking up not-too-early, (I shot in the afternoon the first day! That’s a new one for me.) My parents and I were OFF to see the shooters, the amazing shooters of Piru…Over the interstate and through the dirt, to Piiiiruuu we go! I met my awesome teammates, and my best shooting friends from my home range Dave and Jim! My first stage was Accelerator, which I think was a good thing that it was first, I got all those nerves over with. My times were pretty good, and I could tell it was going to be a great match! I just hoped I could continue my performance with the next two stages and then into day two! I was feeling pretty sure that the next day was going to be just as awesome, especially after I shot Smoke n Hope! I hit my best times ever and my mom got it on camera! And the best part ever I had a special surprise, my Very Best Shooting Friend and Teammate Annette Aysen came and found me. She was my good luck charm!

Main Match day two! Five stages to go, and I was ready, morning shooting works for me! There was a much more relaxed feel among the shooters. All serious on the line but behind the scenes I was having the best time with my squad and all the people that came to watch. At first I thought that they were there to observe my quick draw and speedy trigger finger, but actually I think word got out that I have a Steel Challenge Tradition….any guesses? Well, I jump over the hay bales, yessssss the Victory Leap! Best times ever! This year my squad mate Dave decided he would leap with me! Who is going to join us next year?

I did my personal best and have a couple Steel Challenge titles under my belt! Dave and I both hit personal goals with our shooting and now he owes me ice-cream! Great Match, hope to see you in 2011!

Best Hugs of the 2010 Steel Challenge

Gunny! Always a Smile and a Hug
Ms G....Julie!
My Best Shooting Friend, Annette!


Sunday, August 15, 2010


On Your Wedding!  I am so happy for you both.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


(For those of you who haven’t shot Pro Am, or know the rules, it’s scored by the amount of steel targets that are hit in a par time. Of course, sometimes there are ties, so they have one “tiebreaker” stage that is timed to determine the winner.)

Woooo!! I have successfully shot the Pro Am! Yes, with my handy S&W 627 Revolver, I placed in the middle of the pack. I was starting to get pretty good with reloads, by the end of the match because I can only shoot eight shots at a time. My Hearthco Moonclips were flying. Derrick Birdsoll even got a really cool picture! It showed my moonclip half way to the ground while I reloaded, and ran. As soon as I get the picture I will post it.

I was squaded mostly with people I didn’t know previously… with BJ Norris and Jason Koon as exceptions, but wow…my squad was AMAZING. Seriously, I was blown away by these guys -- they were suuuper fast and accurate! Crazy! I also met a fellow S&W member, Gordon Carrell who was so nice to give me some tips and even pose for a dorky picture after we had successfully shot the Pro Am!

Everything about this match I liked, well, except for the heat. The USSA range was incredible AND so pretty with all the green, green everywhere and pond that reflected the clouds, it had turtles and a goose (I understand a goose with a bad attitude)! The stages made me think. How was I going to get in all those shots at all those targets with minimal reloads? Of course “don’t miss” is the first thought but, there was so much going on in the stages that the shooters’ planning was very important. And planning for the unexpected was the norm around there for many shooters. On one stage we started behind some old car, and as I ran around it to pick up my revolver, there was a butterfly on my grip! (That was Stage 6) Well, I didn’t particularly want to hurt the butterfly…so I shooed it away. I could hear someone stating “just squish it” yuck! You know, waving my hands around it burned some seconds. So, just what is the answer here?

Back on the topic of fantastic stages, I’ve never seen so much steel! Not even at the Steel Challenge! There was even one stage with 35 targets and another with steel as big as I was! (The Tiebreaker stage). My only regret from the entire match was that I wish I was fast enough to do some of the fun stuff the really fast guys could do…like open up doors and shoot moving targets, they seemed to have so much fun with the bonus activity. Par time kept me focused on one thing, just hitting those targets, and not missing, otherwise…reload! So my goal for next year’s Pro-Am…to “clear a stage” as the pros would say!!

Phil Strater and his crew did awesome setting up the stages in the heat and working the match. Plus, I heard one of the crew went to find a butterfly net with my name on it! It was really an awesome match!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Pro Am Countdown: One day left!!!

(mom's very first pic of a smoking gun!)
The USSA range is really nice, its huge. The temperature is a little hot for my liking but it is sure green.  Tomorrow is the big day and I will be shooting the Pro Am for the very first time! All steel…run and gun…hmm…and I’m shooting it with my revolver…hm, ICORE meets Steel Challenge? I think so! Combining two of my most favoritest things in the (shooting) world -- speed shooting and run and gun. EXCELENT! And I can do it with my S&W 627 revolver.  I feel…ready for this!! One of those things when you just want to speed up time so you can get there, and then slow time down so you can enjoy it! It’s already kind of turning out like that too -- time flies!
Hope I can get to sleep tonight.....shooter meeting at 700am!  And even more exciting is that I will be seeing all the friends I have made from all over.  I am sooo looking forward to seeing everyone again. 


Whew! I have arrived at the Pro Am!!! Today I went to the range where the actual competition will be happening. I was anxiously scanning outside the car, waiting for the green landscape to turn into the brown range, gee, it never did! Behind me I heard cooing, “Ooooh, it’s so pretty! Look at the lake! And all the grass! And the lodge!”

Where were we? Back at the hotel? I looked out the other side of the car and saw that just beyond the lake, there were shooting bays. They were green. GREEN!! In California, it’s only green during the rain, and never in summer! I was shocked, blown away, amazed, and super, duper excited. I’ve never shot in a place like this before; it reminded me of Disneyland complete with a pond and a goose!

We checked in at the lodge, and there we met three very nice gentlemen! They were more than happy to explain everything about the range -- where to shoot, the precautions, all that. They were so kind, even giving us directions to markets and telling us the good places to eat; much appreciated! I was really hungry. At the end of the day, Jim even gave me a rubber bracelet! (Do those have a name?)

And then I saw it.

Well actually, my mom saw it.

“DUCK!” my mom squealed, pointing at a goose.

Yes, there it was. The dreaded goose of Pro Am Lake! We were warned about him…but that didn’t stop my mom from going to get a picture! And have one of her special talks with him (Those darn tourists!) Somewhere in the time it took for my mom to take the picture, they must have bonded because now we call him “Pete”.  Fortunately for Pete he lives at the Pro Am Lake...if he was at SLOSA I think his goose would be cooked!

I must say, this has to be the prettiest range I’ve ever been to! It was amazing! They even had some Steel Challenge stages set up! And no problem, I could shoot all I wanted…8pm they were still giving me a howdy-do! I have attached a special picture for Jim “O” Speed Option in the grass…do you love it?

Friday, July 2, 2010


Last weekend, I shot the amazing “2nd Annual Tri-Tip” match! This match, 14 stages, is shot with all iron sighted guns -- AWESOME!! Single stack, Production and Revolvers ….. I really had a blast. This is the first time I ever shot this type of a USPSA match, but I loved it….all the targets and running made for a great time for everyone I spoke to.  There were a few raised eyebrows and scratched back of the heads when word got out that I was shooting Production Revolver, but the challenge is the most fun of all!
There were some awesome shooters there, some in particular I was on a squad with -- John Bagakis, Dave Sevigny, Todd Crow, John Allchin and Dave Long all smiling and laughing along with me, words cannot describe how amazing they all shot.  What a thrill it was to be able to watch and learn from these Champions!  And of course my friend Tina was there to cheer me on and be the squad score keeper!  I did pretty well, but I had a bit of an issue on the first stage…SQUIB LOAD! Yep!!!  A squib is when there isn’t enough (or any) powder in your ammo and the bullet gets lodged in the chamber. It’s really dangerous, especially if you were to fire another shot! When the squib happened there was a resounding “WHOA, STOP, SQUBB” from my entire squad!  Todd Crow was right there at the rescue with his tools to clear that squib (I think I saw Dave Sevigny sigh in relief, seeing that I wasn’t going to steal the match this time around).  Aside from the squib, I’m proud of my performance!  This was a new match to me, and it was fun as ever. 
Lunch time was delicious; they served up Art’s famous Tri Tip (I think my dad had a few singed eyebrows, considering that he helped cook).  I noticed all the smiles, mostly because everyone was just chatting away and having a great time reliving the match.  They were also chatting about my cupcakes…Thank you Julie G. for naming them “Muzzle Flash Carrot Cupcakes”! I made them just for this match!  I promise, for all you who have asked, I will post the recipe! Can’t wait till next year!  Hope you can make it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


(Thanks Yamil Sued, just another great action do you do it?)
I had so much fun at the IRC! This picture was taken during a very exciting stage...lots of stuff going on, like a Texas Star and steel targets and moving paper targets!!! I had to jump on the activator, and I guess in the spur of the moment, I didn't really think to get back to the ground...
Link to the new S&W Flicker pictures are listed under the friends of the Molly Minute!  

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hmmmm…Yep, still my favorite match, after another GREAT year!!! I had a blast! My squad was awesome – I was so pleased to be able to shoot with visitors, the Australians (Mark and Dale)… we became fast friends and I’m looking forward to emails when they return home! We also had John Bagakis and Rachael Crow (Another junior, hooray!) from Smith & Wesson. And Rich Wolfe, he (much like the other shooters on my squad!) is great to shoot with, he makes me laugh, and he always gives great advice! And of course my favorite Home Club shooter John Allchin, he is amazing!
I was suuuper happy with the way I shot! I shot my S&W 627 Limited Revolver, Hogue made me great grips that actually fit my hands, so to answer your question…yes, I can hold that revolver just fine thanks to those grips. Before those grips it was pretty sad…
One of the most exciting points of the match was that I was in the shoot offs again…with Jerry Miculek….again! I bet you thought I was going against him, but, even better we were a team! A bit lopsided, I was the only limited shooter among the 4 competitors but that didn’t stop me. I gave it my best. We won 1 out of the 3…(I say re-match next year). By then I will be taller (with any luck) and faster! You can’t know what an honor it was to be squaded with him. I think we talked strategy for the shoot off but I can’t remember now what we spoke about… I shot with Jerry! Nothin’ like a little pressure, but it was great! 
I hope everyone got a chance to thank Art and Janet Leach for all the hard work they have done year after year for the IRC!  I love you both!!!!!!!!


Congratulations to my Range Friend Tom and his wife Christina on the birth of their daughter Julie AnnaShe was born on June 9 (which happens to be my brother's birthday too), she weighed 7lbs and 12 oz.  Mom and Babe are doing great!  I am so happy for them! 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good Golly....I liked this inteview Ms. Babbs!

Take a look at the Women's Outdoor Network! Babbs is an amazing woman, writing about women and juniors in all areas of Outdoor Sports. What a Privilege it was to speak to her!
The article is here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Friend BJ Norris

"Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction!"

One very important thing I learned at the Bianchi cup, was that BJ Norris has to be one of the nicest people at the range. And to throw away thoughts of literal directions and listen to the seasoned competitors. Their heart felt coaching is worth more than anything on paper. 
            Day two of the Bianchi competition, I arrived at the practice range with the "Bianchi for Beginners" instructions in my hands. Yes, the directions! I was going to shoot the Practical Event later that day and figured if I followed the directions…well as the door knob said to Alice, "Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction!" kept going through my mind. (Along with the song “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date”?) 

As you know the couple of hours before a competition is intense with focus and concentration for the shooters, the last thing they need is a newbie (or “New-me”) asking questions!  BJ was due to shoot the Practical Event later that morning, but seeing that I showed up with the directions and was frantically reading he realized he needed to jump into action.  BJ took his practice and focus time to run through it with me... Twice!!! This was beyond friendship, he laughed, smiled and took the time to be sure that I was at ease, comfortable, and confident with the stage!  BJ truly exemplified the meaning of an athlete, a competitor and a friend! 

            Then after the competition, BJ and I went to Steak and Shake to celebrate. We don’t have those in California…my mom and I kept thinking it was Steak and SNAKE…that was interesting. Ummmm yummy snake…not! 


Monday, June 14, 2010


Thank you Larry Potterfield of Midway USA for all your incredibly generous support of the Bianchi Cup! 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


A new title was given this year at the Bianchi not an award for proficient shooting but an understated and unique title.  Yes, its the Tallest and the Shortest shooters of the match title.  The tallest shooter, who could just about lean over and touch the targets, Don Smith (VP of Northwest Territorial Mint/Bianchi Cup sponsor) and me, Molly Smith, who is shorter than most of the targets. I felt just like a blue bird up there on his shoulder.
(Thank you John Rickards for sending over these pictures).

Sunday, June 6, 2010


THE IRC in Morro Bay/San Luis Obispo was AMAZING!  I LOVED my squad Absolutely Amazing Shooting!!!!  Dale and Mark from Australia were TERRRRRRIFFFFFFICCC!  So glad we had the Aussies with us!  More later, it is past my bed time. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Certain sources tell me that the match is won and lost at the mover. Hmm... I guess the mover heard about me and was so nervous that the cable snapped. How's THAT for tension?  
Actually, it was pretty funny. You should have heard the gasps, "Ohhhh!" When the ROs saw that the "little fella" (me) was laughing, they got a laugh out of it too. 
Take a look at the Molly Movies (the fourth one): the Bianchi Blooper. 

Monday, May 31, 2010


What an Honor it was to meet John McNally, a 2000 Olympic Champion!  He actually took time to talk to me about shooting, it was so cooooool!  We both shot the Bianchi Cup!!!! (I now have something in common with an Olympic Champion!) Little did  I know that the same range where I practiced shooting the "mover" was the "Prado" range where he shot the actual 2000 Olympics!  I did not have nearly enough time to spend with him, but based on the way he shot the "Cup" I am looking forward to seeing him much more in the future...he is amazing!


Attention Neil and everyone one else who has been following the saga of "GOING PRONE" for Bianchi.  I finally got it! The challenged octopus has her sea legs!  I managed to get my left hand down and it all fell into place ahemmmm not "fell" exactly, but gracefully and quickly soared into the landing position and ready to shoot!  If I can give anyone one a  piece of advice about going prone, get your left hand out to stop the face plant then "Ballet A El Neil" falls right into place!
Picture by Yamil Sued at the Bianchi Cup, thank you Downrange TV for posting it!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well THAT was Embarrassing...

(Photo by Cameron Chapman-Pinto)

“Your gun’s in that hand…” Neil Hogue and Eric Leach sighed again as I pounded my right hand (which held an imaginary revolver) down on the carpet to prevent my chin from bashing into the ground. Going prone was definitely a lot harder than just face planting, which at this point, I had mastered. Yesterday at the local ICORE match, Neil and Eric were showing me the different techniques for the nearly inhuman art of going prone. Yep. Shoes off (Sorry for the smell, John Allchin!), hat off to the side, a mother with a first-aid kit nearby, and my audience (Neil, Eric, John Allchin, Jim O’Young and a few others) stifling laughter, I was diving down on that mat like a crazy octopus. The goal was to be on my belly, gun drawn, and looking down my sight at the target. It wasn’t really working that well, considering how much more complicated it was than just that! I kept forgetting that my right hand was suppose to have a gun in it, my legs had to be out from under me, and that my left hand was for support. Just a little difficult! By the end of the day, I managed to be about half-way to a decent technique. Thank you Neil and Eric sooooo much!!! You guys are awesome!

Monday, April 12, 2010


I just had a fantastic time at the Southwest ICORE Regional Match! Thanks to Dave Wilson the Match Director and the SLOSA ICORE team. It was a ton of fun to see people I haven’t seen in a long time. The stages were AMAZING, lots of moving around, backing up, bull’s eyes, jumping around, and there was even a Texas Star! I was squaded with fellow Smith & Wesson team-member, John Bagakis, 1st place limited! He gave some awesome tips and lots of smiles the whole time. And Rich Wolfe, 1st place open, was also on my squad. I saw amazing shooting! Here’s a secret: if you listen carefully, you can hear the top-shooter’s plans for stages; they plan their strategy talking to each other! (Or they could have just been mumbling to themselves though…)
So…Here is my question. When is enough, enough?
One stage, Hard Cover Alley, was an especially challenging stage for me. And by challenging, I mean it was twice as fun. It was a standard “shoot ‘em as you see ‘em” stage, just running through the course and shooting the targets, well, as you see them! I was doing super duper well! At the very end of the hallway, there was a plate rack a good distance away (not entirely sure…maybe 20 yards?) and we had to shoot down three out of the six from one side, and the other three from the other side. I did pretty well. Until the last plate. Two moonclips, yep… and a lot of time. I don’t really understand that there is a point to stop (enough shooting already) and take the penalty…ooops! When is enough, enough?
Another very fun stage was Left Right Center, was a stage where you started in the center, shot the targets in front of you, go to one of the sides, shoot the targets, and then go BACK to the middle, then to the other side. I forgot I had to engage the targets in the middle twice. But never fear! I remembered as soon as I passed the box! Yes, all is well, as I quickly jumped back into the middle box and finished the stage, happy as could be. Art Leach and Ivan the RO’s, were just about to call a penalty when they realized I am part ping pong ball, and bounce really well, they just laughed.(video here)
There was another stage that was especially good, Pro Am, and I think it originated at an Easter egg hunt. Pretty pastel colors on the plate and matching boxes. That was the easy part, but off in the distance was the Red Queen’s plates, bright red and round. (“Off with their heads!!”) 30 seconds to hit all the plates. This was a challenge but what fun! If you were really accurate and fast, you could actually get a negative time for your score.  Tom Hubbard designed this stage and it was the talk of the event. 
Well, I didn’t give John too much of a challenge this time, but I did leave the match with the best prize of all… I left with the memories of a great match.

Monday, March 29, 2010


*Queue the trumpets* Du-du-du-duuuuuu! Allen Elishewitz came for a visit all the way from Texas!  Yes, Allen and Jim O’Young came to do some top-secret business with my friends and sponsors, Hogue! Knife business (If you click this link, you’ll get a clue! :O )  Yep….Allen will be designing knifes and Hogue will be making them.! Allen was  super dooper fun. One of his favorite pastimes, like mine is to joke around with Jim.  Notice Jim’s Game Face portrait that Allen took and shared with me.   Allen even took part in our traditional, nighttime hike through “Skunkland”, (peeeeyou) and he was a great sport about our flashlight wars.  And besides being fun he brought delicious pecans all the way from Texas!   He came with us to a local steel match on Sunday, which meant I had to take my S&W 627 revolver out of its winter hibernation, and Jim O’Young shot his usual magnificent self.   We had a Blast at the range. 

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that Allen is an artist!  While Allen was with us, I managed to interrogate – er, politely ask him questions about his art, “Knife making.”  Allen happens to be one of the top custom knife makers in the world, his knifes are all handmade.   He made his first knife in 1987, which makes it older than me…and he still keeps it to this day!    I also learned what he makes his knives out of; stainless and Damascus steels for the blades and G-10 and carbon fiber for the grips (here I go, shooting on the brain) I mean for the handles. Now, I had no idea what Damascus steel and G-10 were, but apparently Damascus steel is from the Middle East in the 17th century. Plus it looks really cool. G-10 is basically a fiber that makes the handle really strong.   Allen tells me it is very durable. Oh, and Allen mentioned that he also likes to use natural materials for the handles, which I find awesome! If you get a chance to see Allen's artwork be sure to pay attention to the handle, you will agree with me, it is amazing.   

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photo by Dave Wilson.
Who is “Millisecond Molly”? I shoot revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns and even sling shots! By looking at me, most people would never guess that I love to shoot, but I do.
I’ll tell you why I shoot. First off, it’s the brilliant personalities in the shooting family. It’s the “range” people that really hold my interest. I have been so fortunate to meet so many people from all over the world that have proven to me that we are one big “range” family. It’s the fun that surrounds shooting, it’s the cheerful moods, up-beat characters, and characters in general, its fun times that keep the shooting sport what it is. Now, there’s also the actual shooting… I ask you what’s not fun about shooting paper or steel targets, jumping over hay-bales (okay, not really shooting, but still), out-running R.Os, and flinging those bullets into the middle of the target and doing all that with your friends? I love the excitement when I complete a great string/stage, my squad cheering me on and I feel like I want to do it again and again. And I love watching the other shooters grin, when they get the fantastic run. The ever-present smirk while they re-holster/bag their gun, glance down at the score sheet, and then chuckle.
I am often asked “why a revolver?” Simple, the feeling. It’s totally different when I’m holding my S&W 627 revolver rather than a semi-auto. My *ahem* short stature doesn’t necessarily fit a revolver, but when I finally could get my finger around the trigger, I knew there was no going back. I love the way the trigger feels, being able to pull it back smoothly and feeling the “click…click…” and pause before taking the shot. It kind of gets me caught up in the moment, (or the millisecond)I see my sights aligned, my gun is still, and everything is like it should be. That’s the sort of feeling I can only get with a revolver. And not to mention how the reloads are fun (when necessary), flipping open the cylinder, grabbing a moon clip, tossing it in, and flipping it closed, done in milliseconds. Even if I take up different firearms, I know I’ll always be shooting my revolver.
I love being a junior shooter, guess I’ll stay one for a while! There is so much encouragement from the “seasoned shooters”. First or hundredth time out shooting, juniors are always met with a welcoming smile, always a story or two of the “old ‘en days” and always a bit of information, a suggestion or a perception. If it was not for the adult “seasoned shooters” the Junior Shooters would not have their experiences and the lessons to learn from! Besides it’s fun being able to bug them about kid things! And then, if you can get away with it, there is always the stolen opportunity to roll down the berms in a barrel….shhhhh!
Juniors just need to go for it! Know that they can do it, accept any and all suggestions, and put into practice the ones that work. Junior shooters are very blessed to have a “range family” and honor them for their knowledge and expertise. Mine is the GREATEST, and guess what… they are yours too!
Happy Shooting!
Published in Junior Shooters Volume 6 Winter 2009. Check it out at under the header ARTICLES