Thursday, September 10, 2009

Indiana Jones and the Wild Boar

On our way to Happy Burger.

Darn a Flat!

An adventure, yes! I am always ready for an adventure. Hmmmm….somewhere in the Sierra Nevada there was an adventure waiting to happen! Well, that's what my dad told me when he woke me up at 4 am, last Sunday morning. After spending hours searching the (mysterious) Sierra Nevada Mountains for “treasure,” my Dad drove up to a (mysterious) horse pasture or was it an incredible rock quarry? Then down a long dusty trail in a Prius no less, and two gates, we (mysteriously) found a group of shooters from all over the state of California! I kept humming the theme from Indiana Jones…. Ahhhhhh…a range!!! I felt at home, I really was in the right place. Joe (really his name), showed me around. He introduced me to the other shooters who were not quite sure about such a height-challenged shooter; they wondered if I could even see over some of the barriers. No problem…I am Millisecond Molly! Bwahahaha! It was so nice to see some familiar faces, Kevin, Brock, Mick, George and Jim all remembered me from the Steel Challenge. Of course, Dad had all my shooting gear ready to go at the time, and I was ready do what I do best - shoot and have fun (Insert the theme from Indiana Jones here). And yes 49er, Molly’s no whiner!!!!! Looking around, I knew this adventure was going to be like none other, Larry made sure of that (Larry was the dazzling set designer). What I knew at that point was that I had to focus, focus, focus and not step in the cow Pattys.
And so it goes, Mom and I exploring the range preparing for the first stage, when all of the sudden a roaring thunder was heard! Another adventure…..Mom grabbed me as if it was a “Wild Boar” charging from around one of the bays….we were in the wilderness, you know! Nope it was only Sammy - beautiful chocolate lab, full of energy and excitement. Sammy became my best friend for the rest of the match. She even escorted me around! (Or was it that she was just hopping I would toss her toy?) Either way she was one of the best treasures of the day. And she is Dick’s treasure every day. And so, the first stage was on. The set-up for the stage was steel targets overlapping each other and behind barrels, then you run to the front and shoot some paper after you shoot steel chickens. And those chickens showed no mercy; they were small and hidden behind weeds, some shooters gave up! Actually a critical tactic when attempting to save time. The 5 second penalty for each chicken not hit was better than the 60 seconds it was taking to hit just one of them. Bet your wondering if I hit the chickens or took the penalty?
Then there was that really interesting stage. The targets had eyes...they were staring at me…eyes. Yup. The shooter had to get two shots off at the targets with eyes that had “whites” in them. The discussion before hand was most entertaining. “Okay, so you shoot the eight targets-” “I’m counting nine…” “Huh? No, you don’t count the one with brown eyes.” “I got ten!” “What? One, two, three…seven. Wait…” Somehow, I managed to count eleven targets. That stage was a lot of fun though, with the no-shoot-targets obstructing your view of the other targets.
Over all, my adventure was lots of fun, and I had a blast! I’m definitely going to that cow pasture again, and the attached range suits me fine…… (Insert theme from Indian Jones here). But wait it even got better! At the end of the extremely fun day we loaded up in the pickup for a trip to Happy Burger! Yum

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