Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Wednesday morning, 7:20. I arrived at the STEEL GROUNDS….Finally. I was the first person at the range on Steel Challenge Eve. It was rather magical. But it wasn’t long before the rangemaster, Doug Baumforth, came and signed us in and the flood of perfect practice shooters arrived. The furnace had not been turned on yet, so it was a “breeze” to shoot the stages. My first four went GREAT, but the Outer Limits stage gave me a little issue. I guess you could call it Molly Madness. But not to worry, I came back at the end of practice and made sure Outer Limits was taken care of, and then I was “otta there.” After I ran through all the stages with Jim O’Young, I spoke to various shooters, including some juniors! Hooray for the juniors!!! I held Julie Goloski’s M&P and BJ Norris’ 1911 with a Tactical Solutions .22LR conversion unit and thought they were pretty awesome. BJ’s .22, was really cool because of how light it was - definitely something different. I also met Rob Leatham who is a shooting legend. I have heard so much about him, that finally meeting him was very special. I wish I could’ve seen him shoot, but alas I did not, it was time to get registered. He was really nice and I got to take a picture with him. After leaving the range, we went to the match hotel to register for the match and get everything set and ready to go. I met a couple of very nice people there that walked me through signing up, especially Kim Williams and Dave Thomas. They helped me get my squadding in order too!
So a GREAT day at the practice range; can’t wait for the .22 match tomorrow, and I saw lots of great people today. It’s Steel Challenge Eve, “all is calm, all is bright!”

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  1. Good luck Molly! We know you're going to shoot great! Hope to see you up there on Saturday!

    Det. Chris Faulkner
    LASD Major Crimes Bureau