Sunday, August 9, 2009


I GOT NEW HOGUE GRIPS! YESSSS! They’re amazing! They fit my hand (or as some would say my “Tiny Mitts”) perfectly and they look beautiful on my Smith & Wesson 627 Revolver.
It’s an interesting process, this being fit for custom grips. During the IRC in June, Pat Hogue measured my hand and asked me to pick out the wood for the base. When I went to pick them up, Pat put them on my revolver, making sure they were perfect. He spent the entire time talking to me about shooting (what else but) and the fun in the sport. I never dreamed the end product would mean so much. These are the most special grips ever; they are hand made by Pat Hogue, himself! A craftsman, he paid such close attention to the length of my fingers, to the width of my grasp and what I was telling him about how I shoot. Every detail that a grip should have is there.
Now, for the adventure….there is a story to follow this fantastic news.
My brother (AKA the Web Commander/Steven) and I were invited to visit the Hogue factory, shoot on the “super secret” private Hogue range and join them for lunch. How could anyone pass that up?
Pat’s brother, Aaron, was kind enough to give us a tour of the Hogue factory. It was awesome! I was blown away by the laser images on the grips… some of the designs look so complex. Steven really enjoyed looking at the mechanical things like the machine that formed the “skeleton” for some of the grips. As if that wasn’t enough, Aaron let us in the gun vault! There was plenty of interesting guns…note the pictures!
Judy (Aaron’s fiancée) just took me to get a “Special” pedicure for the Steel Challenge. You will have to ask me to see them if you see me in Piru… neon pink with black pistols! Judy is awesome. I have made some really special friends on the Hogue Adventure.
Over all, the Hogue Adventure is brilliant. I had tons of fun, love my new grip, got to meet another junior shooter, Daniel, and saw the Hogue Grips factory, made new friends, had a corn dog (my favorite!) for lunch and I now have exceptional toe nails any shooter would be proud of!


  1. Molly, I know you will do great at the Steel Challenge. What are those guns that you are holding? I wonder what they would do to the steel?

  2. I just got some Hogue grips for my revolver too. Me likes.