Friday, August 14, 2009


Friday. The first half of the main match: COMPLETE(ly… fun and totally enjoyable!)
Let me first start off by saying…anybody notice that there is a strange lack of running in the Steel Challenge? Aside from Outer Limits, it’s all stationary; but I didn’t let that stop me today. I was running (well, walking fast) out on the bays, spray painting the targets and jumping over even more hay bales. The hyper-active-soon-to-be-thirteen-year-old. Yuuuup -- that’s me! I also had a great squad of people I didn’t know, at first (with Dave Wilson and John Maxwell as exceptions, they shoot at my home range) that was tons of fun! John Alchin stopped by a few times for chit-chat, as did Tom Hubbard. How fun it was to talk about the stage and relax. Also, at the end of the day, I met new shooters Debby and Jena, they came here to watch the match. They were really nice and I enjoyed going through the side-matches with them. We had lots of fun just talking and shooting.
For dinner tonight, there was the Steel Challenge BBQ. It was LOTS of fun because I got to see a role model, who is my friend, Annette Aysen. We were having a good time talking and eating, and sewing shoes. Yes, you read that correctly. My flip-flop strap came undone so my dad volunteered to fix it up. When Annette saw it, she giggled and fixed it up with sew on buttons and thread. She certainly saved my feet for the night!
Have you ever noticed how kid-friendly the Steel Challenge? The side matches, hay-bales, and painting targets. I painted the short targets so some of the guys out there needed to only bend half way over to reach their targets to paint (more Pre-teens and Juniors means more help with short painting). Best of all is just shooting the match over all.
So that was my day. Tomorrow I’m finishing the match and will be going to Magic Mountain as my early birthday present! WOOHOO!
Oh Yea, this is Dave. He is my Squad Mate! Somehow he missed the group picture above.


  1. i had a lot of fun shooting with you on friday! i am glad you enjoyed it as well. once again you are a great writer and your blogs are very interesting. keep up the good work hope to see you soon and shoot again!
    - jenna


    Chris Faulkner

  3. Looks like SOMEBODY is missing from that squad picture ;-)

    A great time with a great squad!