Sunday, June 14, 2009

The 2009 IRC

The 2009 IRC is over and what incredible memories I have written in my journal about it. I made many new friends; one in particular, Katie from Australia. Katie was here with her Mum. She told me that in Australia children are not allowed to shoot guns - when they are 12 they can shoot an air soft gun. We are really fortunate to be in this country where children are allowed to learn how to shoot safely and to compete. Since Katie does not shoot, we spent a lot of time getting to know each other. Eric drove us around on the quad; we ate a lot of food, and posed for lots of pictures. I was so glad to have had the opportunity to explain the IRC to her from my perspective. “Watch….watch….watch….. learn….learn….learn, and don’t ever break the 180!” I met a lot of kids who just came out to watch the match too. Some of these kids had no idea about the sport, and I was honored to be able to take some time between stages to explain how it works, and how it is safe and how much fun it is.

I’ve been shooting the revolver since February, and I have had enough experience to know that I really like it and the IRC is a great time to watch and learn. I was in the presence of some of the very best revolver shooters and looking how they work their way through the stages was fascinating. There was one stage that I loved more than any others - there was a lot of motion, activity, and portholes. It was Stage 11, “Poppers.” But Stage 12 “Over the River and Through the Woods” would be a close second. After these two stages, my sides ached from laughing so hard…I wish all stages were as challenging as these two. I’ve decided that I would like to design some stages for future matches. There would be a penalty for anyone who completes it without a smile…bwahaha!

The highlight of the match for me was the shoot offs, though. I got to shoot against the fastest shooter in the world; Jerry Miculek. He gave me a head start, and I got through ¾ of the stage, he started, passed me up, and won…and guess what? I was still only ¾ of the way through the stage when he hit his final target. It was so exciting to be right there, shooting next to him and I will never forget it! Annette Aysen from Smith and Wesson was right there too. She coached me through that shoot off, smiling at me and focusing me on the task of hitting those targets dead on. Take a look at the picture above, Annette was coaching me! She was hugging me with one arm and focusing me on the target with the other. I like that she hugs, smiles, and talks to anyone interested in shooting. In case you didn’t know Annette is the 2009 IRC Ladies Champion! She is incredible to watch.

I’m looking forward to the 2010 IRC....maybe they will adopt a Molly Stage, I promise it will be fun!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Public Display

For this post, I just wanted to bring up a disclaimer regarding a public display. I am not responsible for my parent’s behavior! You see, my parents had not seen each other in awhile and kept passing each other by at the IRC. My mom helping out and my dad sitting at a booth selling raffle tickets. So they would glance and wave to each other until my mom got the great idea to blow kisses to my dad. Not one, but multiple kisses. She was kissing her thumbs and throwing them out there for all to see. Unfortunately many shooters thought my mom was blowing them kisses! Am I ever embarrassed - I couldn’t believe my eyes. But even worse was my Dad blowing kisses back, big kisses. And some of the shooters caught those kisses, some even blew kisses back to him! What a day.