Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Jelly Belly Challenge

Would you shoot for Jelly Bellys? I would, and I did at the last SLOSA club Steel Challenge Shoot. I bet you’re thinking of something else (jelly belly)! Jelly Bellys’ are delicious jelly beans. My favorite candy! During the shoot, my squad gave me a challenge. I learned quickly not to waste bullets. For every bullet that missed the target I had to pay ten Jelly Bellys’ to the participants in the challenge, but my squad members had to pay up Jelly Bellys too. Oh yeah, a painful yet effective way to improve accuracy.
By the end of the day, my scores were pretty good. The “Outer Limits” actually felt a little more coordinated. I managed to keep my feet working with my brain (and trigger) and I wasn’t down too many Jelly Bellys at this point. As the shoot progressed the Jelly Belly tally grew, but not just for me! The score sheets were no longer looking like score sheets. Jelly Bellys’ were being tallied everywhere- on the margins, on the back. I wonder what our number exacting score coordinator, John Hausman must have been thinking when he looked at those sheets?
Getting in the Zone was still my goal for the day. The sounds “Plink Plink… Plink Plink Plink” was my rhythm. When I heard those plinks I would sigh in relief or jump up and down, because the run left all my Jelly Bellys in tact. My squad members laughed as I would look at them and say “No Jelly Bellys on that run!” There were jokes and fun all around. And the best comment of the day after one squad member’s run was “I meant to do that!” Hmmmm… forfeiting Jelly Bellys?
Randy Lee and Gary Thompson were the big Jelly Belly winners of the day. I owe Randy 90 Jelly Bellys and Gary 100! Now, the difficult task of deciding the flavors for the bounty that I have to pay. I guess I will have to sample them all to figure out which ones taste the best. It seems the Jelly Belly challenge went over well, in-fact if any of you SLOSA club shoot organizers read this, you might want to take note of a new and fun shoot…..A Jelly Belly Challenge!

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  1. I want to be on your squad too bad you live so far away. We are all cheering for you and hope your Jelly Belly Challenge catches on. You are terrific.