Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Meant to Do That

This weeks practice was very interesting, filled with “Ooops!” and “Darns!” I had difficulties with the moon clips. (Moon clips are what you put in your revolver to keep the spent bullets together and easy to find.) I couldn’t figure out why the moon clips wouldn’t snap up out of their holders. This was an “Ooops” moment, I had the holder upside down. Then as I was loading more moon clips. I was trying to use a very complex (Cough) instrument (Cough) to speed up loading. I couldn’t figure it out. Another shooter watched for a few minutes, then showed me by flipping it over, it will work. It was upside down, “Ooops.”
Randy was having a good time laughing at that, but I was enjoying myself, pointing out how it was Randy’s fault that the moon clip holder was upside-down… It was his fault…right? No, not really…I meant to do that!
Finally I began to shoot and I was doing well for my first few shots then a squib. (A squib is a ‘squib-load,’ and not the creatures from Half-Life) A squib load is when there isn’t enough powder in the bullet when it is fired and it doesn’t leave the barrel. It can be really dangerous. Thankfully, Randy helped me get the squib out of my barrel and I continued practice.
I did super good, getting almost all my shots near the middle of the target.
Over all, the day was a total “I Meant to Do That” day. As usual it was a great day. I would love to hear about your “I meant to do that” moments! It would be fun to read and share how others stumble and fumble and still laugh and have fun. Encouragement all the way around because we all have “I meant to do that” moments.

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  1. ummm, M&Ms...good thing we jumped out of the way!!!!...I meant to do that.