Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Zone or the Cone Zone

A 2nd Molly Minute, I am on a roll. “The Zone” or the “Cone Zone?” For speed shooters there’re two kinds of zones. Where do you end up most of the time? I used to be in the “Cone Zone," but ever since I got in “The Zone” I experience it more and more. What’s the difference? “The Zone” is where the really fast shooters hang out. When you visit “The Zone,” you feel like everything is moving really slow, but that’s the strange part, actually you’re shooting really fast. The “Cone Zone” is for every one else, slow shooters and fast shooters that are having an off day. Slow shooters, stay in the “Cone Zone.” Sometimes when they’re in it, it feels like everything is moving really fast, but that’s just because they never experienced “The Zone." Not everyone gets into “The Zone,” but when you get there you will never forget that feeling. Once you’ve shot in “The Zone” you are a life time member of “The Zone” club. This is kind of like the inner circle, but not exactly, because you don’t know everyone that has ever been in “The Zone.” If I could tell other kids how to get in “The Zone,” the first thing I would say is it just has to happen on its own and not be forced; it just comes! Be relaxed and have fun, if there’s no pressure on you to be in “The Zone” it’ll just happen. But don’t be discouraged if you’re in the “Cone Zone” because if you just stick to shooting, it’ll come, but not if you are not having fun. The first time I was in “The Zone,” I shot faster than I ever had before and hit all the targets! Randy Lee was with me and asked me “What just happened?” He had to sit down and talk about it because he did not expect me to shoot that fast. I am not sure which was more fun, being in “The Zone” or seeing how proud Randy was of me. I could only tell him that it was really weird and nothing like before. When I described what happened, everyone around me said “Ohhhhh, Ahhhhh…. You were in the Zone!” Yes for those brief 2 seconds, I was changed. People asked me what it felt like and this is what I say: It’s like you have tunnel vision looking at your sight, you feel like you are moving real slow and mechanical, you don’t really realize it until you’re finished…and then you breathe again.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beauty....Personality and Character

For my very first blog posting I want to ask the question what is beauty? I wonder how many people would think that a 12 year old, shooting steel targets or anyone else shooting a gun for that matter, could be beautiful. There are adults and kids too that are offended by this sport. It must be because they don’t know about the sport, I’m always eager to talk to them about it and the people I know who shoot. I’ve seen beauty and generosity in so many shooters - they are role models for the sport. Their kindness, their jokes, their smile, their patience with a most terrifying thing…a brand new kid shooter (a very scary creature), and most of all their love of a sport is beautiful.
Beauty is a word meaning “a quality that pleases the senses or the mind” according to Webster’s Dictionary. To me beauty is more. I wonder how many people look to one another and see a deeper beauty, a deeper quality; personality and character. Personality and character is a person’s treasure and prize, it is their beauty. Personality and character show who they are. Being “beautiful” in modern day socity has so much importance, and many meanings. For some people looking in the mirror they see only their flaws. If only they could stop thinking about blemishes and start thinking about the good qualities they have, like good grades, a nice smile, beautiful eyes, or being able to shoot a steel target in less than 30 seconds. Thinking about their good qualities will improve their self-confidence, and how they feel about their “outer beauty.” People have insecurities, and that’s normal; it’s sad that people make a commotion over them.
When I think about the people I have met shooting, dusty and dirty, big goggles, earphones, hats messing up their hair, and those weird poses and faces they make when they are aiming, I know they are beautiful. They don’t care what they look like on the outside, they are focused on the inside, they focus on shooting the best they can, and focus on enjoying the sport of shooting. The fact that they don’t care if their hair’s messed up, is beauty in itself! They make me want to be the best I can be. I’m lucky; I’ve found beautiful people at a very unusual place, the shooting range. Tell me your thoughts.